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Google AI in Ghana: What it means for Agriculture in Ghana

One word: Exciting! On June 13, 2018 Google announced  its intent to setup Google AI research center in Africa, to be opened in Accra later in the year. They intend bringing together top machine learning researchers and engineers in the new center dedicated to AI research and its applications. Google is aiming to collaborate with local universities and research centers, as well as… Read more →

Financing Ghana’s Smallholder Farmers-Scoping Question

What is the average input financing (labour, crop protection products, fertilisers, other essential services) need of a Ghanaian farmer with 1 acre of farm per cropping season? Estimate a fair rate. Either for cash crop and/or food crop cultivation. Same question applicable to livestock farmers and fishers. Kindly email your responses to: Editor@agricinghana.com or Call the Farmer Helpline: 0500000996 If… Read more →

mfarmPay®: propelling unbanked and underserved smallholder farmers in Ghana

Smallholder farmers in predominantly rural farming communities in Ghana face the challenge in finding the money they need to hire farm labourers, purchase fertilisers, seeds, and basic farm equipment to enable them increase crop yield. Financial institutions are often reluctant to serve smallholder farmers and associated farmer based organisations given their usually small loan sizes and high costs typical of… Read more →