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Agriculture providing jobs for the youth in Ghana

The World Bank has estimated that Africa has more than 50% of the world’s fertile and unused land and agriculture accounts for the 25% of the continent’s GDP. A development in the agricultural sector would lead to a sustained economic growth in the whole continent and every country would benefit from it. In Ghana, agriculture is the most important economic… Read more →

Forum Calls for Spatially Enabled Ghana

Accra: The second day of the Ghana Geospatial Forum 2014 witnessed various sessions that highlighted the extensive use of geospatial technology across different verticals in Ghana. Presenters from a number of government and private organisations gave informative presentations on the latest developments taking place in the field of geospatial technology and also showcased key projects in their departments. The session… Read more →

International Fund for Agricultural Development – IFAD-In Ghana

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) is both, a specialized agency of the United Nations, and an International Financial Institution. Through its programme financing, IFAD promotes private sector development and pro-poor economic growth in rural areas, with the objective to empower poor rural women and men to achieve higher incomes and improved food security. IFAD also supports the development… Read more →

Let’s Keep Track of Policy Implementation-1

The Government of Ghana has introduced variety of measures to improve agricultural productivity in Ghana. Notable amongst these is the redefining of the outdated Food & Agricultural Development Policy (FASDEP I) in FASDEP  II to address the loopholes and inefficiencies in the former. In each subsequent update of this blog, we will look at each policy document and delve on… Read more →