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Fall Armyworm-Agronomic Tips for Maize Crop

Fall Armyworm (FAW) causes damage by feeding on both vegetative and reproductive structures. FAW on Maize Damage to the leaves of maize does not necessarily cause a loss of yield because the plant is able to compensate for at least some loss of leaf area. This may lead to inaccurate perceptions of loss, and economically unnecessary interventions. Numerous synthetic pesticides… Read more →

Farmer Helpline Service in Ghana: Dial 0500000996

October 31, 2016 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Accra, Ghana – Delivering vital, actionable information to smallholder and commercial farmers in Ghana is essential to improving farm productivity, generating revenue and improving livelihoods especially in rural farming communities. Agriculture in Ghana is increasingly becoming more knowledge-intensive, thus having access to timely, accurate information that is tailored to specific locations and conditions is… Read more →