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PwC Acquires Geotraceability

PwC has today announced the acquisition of GeoTraceability, a company offering specialised tracking and data collection technology for natural resources including cocoa, coffee, cotton, nuts and minerals globally. GeoTraceability uses data gathering and monitoring technology such as GPS mapping, Geographic Information System (GIS) technology and mobile phone and bar coding systems to track products from origin to shop floor. This… Read more →

USAID invites Concept Papers for New Alliance ICT Extension Challenge Fund

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Bureau for Food and Security (BFS), Office of Country Strategy and Implementation Support (CSI) is accepting Concept Papers for New Alliance ICT Extension Challenge Fund. Applications can be made for 3-year grant to implement project in one to six New Alliance Countries Ethiopia, Ghana, Malawi, Mozambique, Senegal and Tanzania. It should contribute… Read more →

Towards Geo-enabled Agriculture in Ghana using Geospatial Technology: Syecomp Ghana Ltd

About a fortnight ago, I was a panel speaker at a high level highly interactive forum at the Movenpick Ambassador Hotel in Accra on “Envisioning a Spatially Enabled Ghana”. During the panel discussion on “Towards Geo-enabled Agriculture”, I made a presentation on the services offered by Syecomp Business Services Ltd in the area of Geospatial Survey and Mapping services for… Read more →

Ghana launches first West African Farmer Helpline!

Feeding the nation and investing in our farmers is a key priority of Government and a critical driver for Ghana’s 2020 vision. Despite significant advances in technology, farmers remain vulnerable to climate change, drought, poor harvests, weed infestations and virulent pests. Farming techniques remain outdated, marketing costs too high, and incomes unacceptably low. There is a slow drift of young… Read more →

Markets for GIS in Ghana-Research evidence

Background Geographic Information Systems (GIS) is an integrated collection of computer software and data used to view and manage information about geographic places, analyze spatial relationships and model spatial processes. GIS provides a framework for gathering and organizing spatial data and related information so that it can be displayed and analyzed. In Ghana, Syecomp Business Services Ltd has been providing… Read more →

Technology Use in Agriculture-GIS/GPS

Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer based system for collecting, storing, managing, analyzing and presenting geographic information and its associated data. GIS links real-world spatial elements (also known as feature data elements) to a coordinate system. These features can be separated into different map layers for decision–making. Common applications of GIS /GPS include: engineering mapping, automated photogrammetry, cadastral mapping,… Read more →

ICT4ag Conference-Call for content is now open!

Do you have stories, case studies or solutions on ICTs and agricultural and rural development that you would like to share with a global audience? Will your contribution to the ICT4Ag conference teach and inspire? If so, then we would like to hear from you. Please complete the submission form, outlining your proposal, how you would like to present it… Read more →

A Mobile Phone Application Improves the Agricultural Productivity of Smallholder Farmers in Northern Ghana

INTRODUCTION With mobile market penetration in Africa expected to reach 60% among the continents one million people in 2012; and with the significant rise in Ghana’s tele-density (88.6%), it is important that the continent’s governmental and Non-governmental organizations promote the utilization of mobile phones and it’s diverse applications to propel the continent’s strives at achieving its Millennium development goals (MDG’s).… Read more →

Letting the Cloud Watch Over the Farm

THE world doesn’t necessarily need the gazillion-and-one games that seem available on smartphones. But it could use more apps and services that address the needs of business people with specialized needs- Like farmers. FarmLogs, a start-up based in Ann Arbor, Mich., is a one of a few new companies that are making a pitch to farmers. It offers a cloud-based… Read more →

Tech solutions to agricultural growth in Ghana

GIS and mapping improves marketing opportunities for rice farmers in Ghana Twenty-eight year-old IT professional, Solomon Elorm Allavi, established and manages a start-up company, Syecomp Business Services, in Accra, Ghana. The company strives to implement ICT solutions to address the limited access to marketing outlets for smallholder farmers and others in the agricultural value chain. Syecomp utilises GIS and GPS… Read more →

An attractive opportunity

Moses Nganwani Tia Audio conferencing has helped to improve extension services in northern Ghana, and encouraged young people in rural communities to follow a career in agriculture. The Savannah Young Farmers Network (SYFN) is a youth-led NGO in Ghana that uses ICTs to deliver agricultural and rural advisory services, and promote the active engagement of young people in agriculture. One… Read more →

ICTs for Raising Rural Incomes

The question of deploying ICTs in agriculture needs to be examined from both supply and demand perspectives. The supply side is concerned with issues related to access of ICT-based services in rural areas. The demand side is concerned with the information-dependent nature of farming and related decisions. The different aspects of the two perspectives and the status of implementation in Ghana is examined briefly… Read more →

YoungDevs Initiative Ghana (YIGh)-Empowering Rural Youths through Agriculture

Youngdevs Initiative Ghana (YIGh)–a not-for-profit arm of Syecomp Business Services Ltd  seeks to build sustainable organizational and marketing capacities for disadvantaged rural youths engaged in fish-farming in all the regions of Ghana. A significant part of the project is the establishment of a geospatial database of all youths engaged in fish farming businesses in the targeted regions assisting them form… Read more →