We will ensure smallholder farmers get paid well-Ghana Commodity Exchange (GCX)

The Assistant Manager, Membership and Business Development at the Ghana Commodities Exchange (GCX), Joseph Anum Nai, says his outfit is working hard to ensure that farmers are well paid for their farm produce.

He said the provision of warehousing facilities, proper packaging of these farm products, and connecting them to the right market by his organization will enable farmers trade their produce at very competitive prices.

Speaking at a pre-event media briefing on the 9th Annual Pre-harvest Agribusiness and exhibition Conference slated for September 25th to 27th at Tamale in the Northern Region, Mr Anum Nai added that an online electronic trading platform created by the Ghana Commodities Exchange to fix the market challenge facing farmers, allows them to directly sell their produce to buyers electronically. “This platform was created to connect buys to farmer. It is helping solve the problem of farmers selling their produce to middlemen at very low prices’’, he explained.

Currently, the GCX in its bid to curb the menace of post-harvest losses and promote quality in crops, has provided warehousing facilities close to some agricultural production areas, to enable farmers store their farm produce. The farm products are then graded, weighed and well packaged for market. This according Mr Anum Nai has aided farmers in selling their products anytime at higher prices, compared to the past when farmers hurriedly trade their commodities at the farmgate to avoid crop deterioration due to lack of storage facilities.

Touching on the reasons behind their partnership with the 9th Pre-harvest agribusiness event, Mr Anum said the theme of the conference which is “Market Accessibility: The Structured and Sustainable Pathway”, fits perfectly with his organization’s goal of fixing the market linkage challenge confronting farmers. Adding that the event will provide his outfit the opportunity to connect with farmers, buyers and other actors across the agricultural value chain to promote agribusiness. “This event is a big platform to educate our farmers on what we do and connect with other relevant value chain actors”, he emphasised.

This year’s Annual Pre-Harvest Agribusiness Conference is expected to attract about three thousand participants including farmers and varied agribusiness actors. Partners of the event include Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Northern Development Authority, the Northern Regional Coordinating Council, USAID, UKaid, the MADE Program, Yara Ghana, Ecobank, KOSMOS Energy, Chemico and Ghana Commodity Exchange.

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