Enhancing Rural Farm Productivity in Ghana: Digital Solutions

Image Bank: info@syecomp.com

SyeComp is spearheading efforts in satellite-derived geodata enabled precision agriculture services in Africa. As an Earth Observation Technology company, the company strives to support smallholder African farmers and agribusinesses with localised digital solutions to create sustainable and profitable agrifood systems and promote smart sourcing ( traceability) solutions.

The company’s onerous objective is to help commodity producer clients reach a high level of sustainability with robust digital solutions.

Are you an agribusiness firm, a sustainability-focused institution or project that requires farm mapping, Remote Sensing solutions, Land Cover Assessment, and Crop Health Analytics services? Are you also interested in localised weather broadcast sent daily or weekly to your network of farmer-based cooperatives to help them prioritise their farming operations?

Request for a quote and get a 10% service discount. It’s their 10 year anniversary!

Email: developers@syecomp.com
Farmer Helpline: 0500 000 996