3rd Edition of Miss Agriculture Ghana is Launched

The 3rd edition of Miss Agriculture Ghana was Saturday September 7 launched at the Empire State hotel bringing twenty (20) brilliant women with different agriculture backgrounds from the South to the North of the country together for this year’s contest. Madam Paulina Addy, Director at Women in Agricultural Development (WIAD) Department of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture commended the contestants for their willingness to help improve women’s participation in agricultural development.

She encouraged women in agriculture to professionalise their farming operations and see it as a business; take technology and value addition seriously and promised the women the support of WIAD. She encouraged the young women to also take advantage of “women in tractor operation” which the Ministry of Food and Agriculture has introduced so that women can also be part of land preparation.

Madam Anna Tenemba Samake, Executive Director of MBC Africa Advised the women to appreciate marketing in everything they do. She said women provide essential services when it comes to agriculture such as value addition and market intelligence but must venture into other value chains which is considered as risky and not for women. She advised that the ladies rise beyond all the traditional challenges they face as women and go all round to achieve the ultimate.

Mr. Alistair Djimatey, Public Affairs Director, Blueskies Ghana limited urged other corporate bodies to support the Miss agriculture Ghana brand just as Blue skies Ghana has done since the beginning of the pageant .

The Public Relations Officer ( PRO) of Uniting Women in Agricultural Development Foundation (UWAD), Mr Christopher Vuyani Pappoe, commended the young women for their dexterity in venturing into what many believed was for men. He indicated that 55 applications were received but 20 were shortlisted for the contest this year. He also added that Miss Agriculture Ghana is not about physical beauty and cat walking but a project based pageant. I am surprised to have seen some contestants with nursing background which tells us that this is beyond just studying Agriculture in school and Miss Agriculture Ghana has come to stay “. Mr Pappoe commended the Ministry of food and Agriculture for recognizing the brand during national Farmers day celebrations and hope there would be more do in the future.

The winner of Miss Agriculture Ghana 2018, Miss Afriyie Obeng- Fosu urged the young women to work hard on their projects. She said ” You all cannot be crowned the ultimate winner but just one person and it is very important you take your training here seriously so even if you don’t win what you learn here will change your lives and take you places” .

Miss agriculture Ghana which seeks to empower young women’s participation in agriculture is powered by Uniting Women for Agricultural Development ( UWAD) foundation in collaboration with “Women in Agricultural Development” (WIAD) of the Ministry of Food and Agriculture.

The 3rd edition is covered by AgricinGhana Media, Media Billo and aired on Akuafo tv.

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