Greenhouse Revolution: Back to the Basics!!

Greenhouse farming is gradually gaining grounds and has become very popular in Ghana due to the perceived profitability and ease of cultivation. This technology seems well calculated and sophisticated because the farmer has full control to provide optimum conditions for plant growth. It is apt for adapting against climate change. Other additional technologies even include monitoring and controlling the farm on your phone. However, before opting for greenhouse farming, here are a few tips for you.

The technology is highly cost intensive because the construction and maintenance of a greenhouse structure requires technical expertise. The best strategy is to opt for commercially viable crops in order to realize marginal profits.

Greenhouse farming may require a small piece of land (about 9 x 15 feet) but the topography of the area is also likely to influence the initial costs. It is always better to get it right the first time so make provisions in the budget. Added costs resulting from re-engineering have led to frustration and abandoned greenhouses.

Employing highly skilled personnel to manage your greenhouse is the first step to successful greenhouse production. Their ability to regulate and create the right environment for the crops is very important. These workers must be trained by professionals that can guarantee the efficiency and safety of their operations.

A good greenhouse structure can shield crops from the vagaries of the weather and also keep the crops away from plant diseases and pests like birds and other stray animals. Field losses caused by external biological agents are highly regulated.

Market Linkages
Greenhouse farming is highly profitable when market linkages are well established. You can cultivate all year round because the technology is not rainfall dependent and you have full control over your cultivation. In order not to incur significant postharvest and economic losses, establish robust market linkages and have commercial partners before planting. You can definitely sell fresh quality produce at better prices!! So set the marketing channels right!! Plan from farm to fork!

Greenhouse farming is not as easy as it seems because the crops are also prone to disease and pest attack but you can smile through production when you have it all figured out. Don’t turn your fortunes into an abandoned greenhouse. Seek expert advice!

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