SyeComp Data Collector (SDC) for Farm Digitalisation

SyeComp Data Collector (SDC) is a tool to help field staff, lead farmers, and agribusinesses (in outgrower commodity supply chains) collect both spatial and non-spatial data. SDC is a customized version of the Open Data Kit (ODK) and thus has all the functionalities. It is a powerful smartphone-, tablet-, PC-based replacement for paper forms, supports a wide range of question and answer types, and is designed to work well without network connectivity.

SDC renders forms into a sequence of input prompts that apply form logic, entry constraints, and repeating sub-structures. Users work through the prompts and can save the submission at any point. Finalized submissions can be sent to (and new forms downloaded from) a server (also known as aggregate).

Specifically, SDC supports location, audio, images, video, barcodes, signatures, multiple-choice, free text, and numeric answers. It also has the capability to load existing data for field validation.

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SyeComp Data Collector is customisable for any field data capture assignment: GPS mapping of farms, traceability, trace-tracksustainable sourcing, deforestation assessment, et al.

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