mfarmPay: Market Differentiation

Maintaining differentiation, at a time when traditional financial institutions are significantly increasing their fintech investments, requires agility. Innovative organizations need the ability to iterate quickly.

New product ideas and strategies for streamlining the smallholder farmer onboarding process need to be rapidly developed, tested and rolled into production before competitors have the chance to catch up. Technology that empowers business analysts and user experience specialists to directly design and implement compelling new customer experiences is critical if organizations are going to achieve this level of agility.

Offering rural smallholder farmers a compelling (loan) account origination experience requires more than a well-designed user interface. It requires provision of multiple and simplified access channels. It also requires sophisticated analytic models and automated decisioning rules that can ensure that consumers’ interactions with that user interface are fast, intelligent and personalized.

As we are in a nascent phase of an exciting roll-out of mfarmPay in Africa, with an upcoming launch in Ghana, we encourage Ghanaian (tech savvy) farmers with access to email accounts to join our beta test cohort this month of February.

We urge you to visit our website ( beta mode): and register.

If you require any further clarification, email us:

mfarmpay Inc. is a signatory to the Responsible Finance Forum.

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