Agribusiness Tenders, Consultancies, Job Opportunities: Paid Wall

Hi Valued Readers, We appreciate your journey with us over the past 7+ years. Due to increasing high production cost of our news items, we will be introducing a paid wall on some selected content going forward. This is to enable us continue to deliver high quality agricultural news to you. Notable ones for paid content include: Job Opportunities, Consultancy Terms of Reference (TOR), Tenders, and Funding Opportunities.

Average rate is $9.99 per content you wish to access.

Editors and Journalists are available working 24 hours to respond to your queries or provide information on payment channels to use via the Farmer Helpline Channel on WhatsApp: +233 500 000 996. The available payment channels are:

1/ Credit and Debit cards (Visa, Mastercard) powered by PayPal.

2/ PayPal

3/ Mobile Money ( M-Pesa, MTN, Vodafone)

4/ Cash App ( provided by Square for our US and UK clients)

5/ Bank payments

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