Entering 2019? Delve into your agribusiness passion now!

2019 is almost here with us. 2018 might have been a disappointing one for agribusiness entrepreneurs and ventures in Ghana due to loss of crops, unsuccessful fundraising, et al.

Here are top 8 suggestions compiled by our journalists and Editors to help you succeed in your agribusiness journey in 2019. It includes a mix of suggestions and upcoming events to propel your growth.

Action 1:  Develop an agribusiness venture plan.

Action 2: Build relevant partnerships

Action 3: Subscribe to articles on Agricinghana Media to receive potential agribusiness funding information, training information, agronomic tips, and financing tips. It’s free!

Action 4:  Watch out for the launch of Ghana Incentives Based Risk Sharing for Agricultural Lending (GIRSAL) by the Government of Ghana.  We hope it becomes a reality.

Action 5: mfarmPay, an african-wide data-driven lending product for smallholder farmers will be launched in Accra. Ghana is one of the focus countries. Farmers, aren’t you excited? Interested farmer associations could send an email to: info@mfarmpay.com

Action 6: Award event scheduled for the winners of the first Ghana Agribusiness Essay Contest at Kempinski Hotel Gold Coast City.

Action 7: Participate in relevant agribusiness training programmes, workshops, and exhibition events. Learn from others and grow yours.

Action 8:  Repeat  (1) to (7)

We wish you a happy and prosperous year 2019!


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