October 16: World Food Day at Agricinghana Media

Today, October 16, we are celebrating World Food Day by remembering a simple principle: everybody should have access to food.

In addition to the FAO’s ZeroHunger by 2030 goal, Agricinghana Media is also working on a longer term objective: making contextual and relevant agriculture information available to diverse group of Ghanaians both at home and in the diaspora. Additionally, we aim to democratise information availability with regards agricultural projects, agribusiness intelligence, agricultural policies, agribusiness financing, climate-smart farming, et al.

As the only specialised media organisation in Ghana, we are investing in a cadre of journalists to produce unique stories, in-depth field evaluation of development projects, research and development to enable our vast readers gain unique insights into Ghana’s agricultural journey.

Wish to invest in our operations? Why not send us a mail. We currently only accept Convertible Notes.

Email: Editor@agricinghana.com
Farmer Helpline: 0500000996