Reducing Risks in Farming in Ghana- Ghana Crop Calendar

Farming can be a gamble. As an enterprise with several moving parts with various value chain actors, there are inherent risks associated with it.

There are many variables that can determine success and some of them, like climate change , are outside a farmer’s control. Innovative data-driven approaches, however, have potential to tip the odds to benefit smallholders, medium to large scale agribusinesses and researchers.

There is real need to factor variability in farming systems and its interaction with climate change, input use, irrigability, cropping pattern and growth.

For agribusinesses in Ghana, using Ghana’s Cropping Calendar (GCC) available at Agricinghana Media can help predict outcomes on farms-and enabling agriculture less of a game of chance for farmers. The need for sustainable intensification to address future food security  and meeting market demand requires Ghanaian agribusinesses adopt smart farming strategies.

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PS/ Agricinghana Media also has available (spatial) dataset on input-dealer sales locations in Ghana.

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