Strengthening Farmer-Based Organizations in Ghana

Most Farmer-Based Organisations (FBOs) and Farmer-Based Cooperatives (FBCs) lay comatose in breadbasket areas in Ghana for decades. Numerous International Development support projects have been implemented over the years to setup and grow smallholder farmer unions in Ghana but they have largely been unsustainable when the project funding ends and most become briefcase entities.

Noteworthy examples includes US Government-MIDA funded Commercial Development of Farmer- Based Organisations (CDFO) project and Farmer Organisation Development  (FBO Ghana) implemented by the Ministry of Food of Agriculture (MoFA) with financing from Australian Aid.

Perhaps a new look at professionalizing farmer-based organisations and farmer-based cooperatives needed? Most member farmers of FBOs and FBCs in Ghana lack the technical, business and organizational skills needed for them to participate in commercially oriented production and associated activities.

Agricinghana Media recommends more proactivity in support of rural smallholder farmers in Ghana. There is a need to sustainably address institutional and technical capacity gaps through provision of a standard pack of training and farm financing combined with mentoring and providing appropriate incentives to build the institutional capacities of the FBOs/FBCs in a comprehensive and systematic way.

Based on the above, we recommend the following actionable activities/modules to strengthen farmer organisations in Ghana . These recommendations include technical disciplines such as

¬ conservation agriculture and irrigation management,

¬ financial training such as crop and enterprise budgeting,

¬ rights and obligations within contract farming and outgrower farming systems, and

¬ rights and obligations concerning credit/financing from financial institutions.


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