The Growing Business Together (GBT) Startup Investor Conference


Join us for The Growing Business Together (GBT) Startup Investor Conference

The Investor Conference marks its 2nd year milestone of investing in the prosperity of our young entrepreneurs through business support on this program

Accra| Ghana, 9th July 2018 -The Growing Business Together (GBT) program in collaboration with The Royal Netherlands Embassy Ghana, Truvalu Startups and MBC Africa have announced that the next GBT Startup Investor Conference which will be held at the University of Professional Studies , Accra (UPSA), Ghana on Friday 19th October 2018.

As GBT Startup Investor Conference celebrates its 2nd year milestone with the theme, “Are you ready for my money?”, it promises to provide a platform for a cohort annually of 20 young Ghanaian entrepreneurs and enablers to network, share knowledge, explore business opportunities; boost collaboration and access to business and financial connectors.

The GBT program is a start-up accelerator designed for SME’s which includes mentorship and business development training that helps entrepreneurs to put in place good principles, practices and procedures for business growth and sustainability.

The GBT program will be climaxed with the Investor’s Conference which will attract approximately 400 to 500 students, 150 entrepreneurs (Fashion, processing, Manufacturing, service, farming, production), 20 representatives from financial institutions, 20 representatives from funding institutions and 10 media personnel’s. The Conference will be held at (UPSA) Campus – Accra with over 14,000 student population.

Each year the selection process for the next class of 20 Entrepreneurs runs from November 1st to January 31st. Please visit our website at for updates and other useful content of interest to aspiring entrepreneurs. While GBT targets Ghanaian businesses, entrepreneurs from outside of Ghana are welcome to apply.

The GBT Start-up Investor Conference theme this year is: Are you ready for my Money? Leading up to the conference there was a range of activities including a rigorous, transparent process of critique, validation, interview and consensus for the 10 best businesses from our GBT program. Who will be given the opportunity to do live pitches in front of the audience at the conference; they will be preparing to pitch and secure investments for their business!!!

There will be a range of activities including:
• 3 sessions of live pitching
• A Business Matching session to link over 20 investors with businesses
• 2 Master Classes demystifying and giving real solutions to financial questions
• 2 Panel Discussions dealing with alternative financing and investment for risky start-ups
• 1 Networking Session giving the audience chance to meet and discuss financial and business solutions with the panel and facilitators as well as like-minded entrepreneurs
• There will be stands showcasing products and services from our program and sponsors

Sponsorship and investment opportunities
Organizations that are keen to support GBT 2018 by way of sponsorship and other means of collaboration are invited to contact GBT to arrange for meetings to discuss opportunities. These organizations may include key stakeholders from the public and private sector, including local and multi-national companies, investment companies, institutional organisations and innovation hubs.

So save the date and please join us for The GBT Start-up Investor Conference and register to participate in the activities click here
For more information, contact Ophelia Lamptey on /0543477703

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