SyeComp Farm Traceability: Strengthening Supply Chains in Africa

SyeComp officers mapping cocoa farms in Ghana. Image by: SyeComp

Traceability means knowing exactly where our raw materials are coming from. Traceability enables us answer the following:
¬ Which farm/plantation is the produce coming from?
¬ Who owns the farm/plantation?
¬ What is the precise location of the farm?

Mapping enable smallholder farmers engage and help suppliers adopt more sustainable and responsible practices.

Our mapping technology, SyeComp Farm Traceability (SFT), helps agribusinesses and suppliers establish sustainable supply chain mapping systems. Be it for cocoa, tea, coffee, shea, cashew, palm, etc, SFT is there to address your mapping needs.

SyeComp over the past 7 years has built an extensive solution for traceability to plantation [also known as fresh fruit bunch (FFB) traceability]. SyeComp’s current approach to traceability back to farms/plantation is based on having considerable detail on all farmers. Based on our unique indicators, if any information is missing, that source is considered not traceable.

SyeComp Farm Traceability is designed for buyers to be able to trace back the origin of their supply. This includes mapping of the producer field, smallholder farmer surveys, including collecting other information from the producers/farmers and dealers (sub-agents and/or agents) up to the produce reception and enabling data sharing among stakeholders in attempt to increase transparency along the supply chain.

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About SyeComp

Syecomp specializes in the acquisition, processing, analysis and synthesis of imagery from remotely sensed satellites and multispectral image data from drones to monitor field crops/vegetative status and identify and mitigate potential diseases across fields in Sub-Saharan Africa. With operational presence in Ghana and Kenya, SyeComp sought to put satellite derived information and geospatial mapping solutions in the hands of millions of farmers and agribusiness clients on a continual basis to incorporate into their on or off-farm decision-making processes.

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