Cocoa Platform to Propel Cocoa Production in Ghana

Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD) in partnership with institutional actors in the cocoa value chain has created a novel platform, the Ghana Cocoa Platform, to incorporate the activities and views of all stakeholders in the production, processing and export of cocoa beans. The platform is also aimed at adding value to the beans before it is exported.

The goal of the Platform is: to boost sustainable production in Ghana´s cocoa sector through enhanced partnership and cooperation among stakeholders. Technical support for the platform is provided by the United Nations Development Platform (UNDP).

The Ghana Cocoa Platform is expected to be a convening platform to help in the development of the cocoa sector. The Platform will organize a series of plenary meetings for all stakeholders on a regular basis. Platform meetings will be supported by a combination of technical papers and technical committees. These technical committees will be organized around specific areas for intervention, which will be defined by the actors participating in the platform depending on the needs of the sector. These technical committees are composed of experts and active institutions convened to prepare joint action and investment plans to tackle priority issues. Possible working groups include: Productivity, Extension, Access to Finance, Labor, Deforestation and Land Tenure.

The Platform is chaired and hosted by COCOBOD with strong participation from the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Finance and Economic Planning.

The Platform’s Implementing Agency (COCOBOD) is responsible for the overall implementation of the cocoa platform. The platform is envisaged to have four related bodies – the Platform Steering Committee (SC), Platform Plenary group, Platform Technical Committees and the Platform Coordination Unit (PCU).


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