Opinion Wrap: Land Zoning Urgently Required in Ghana for Food Security

One of the major disincentives to agriculture in Ghana is the complete disregard for Land Use (Zoning) policies.

Most of the hitherto farmlands are been sold to Estate developers thereby leading to a complete disinterest in starting this farming enterprise all over again.

It seems almost every family wants to buy land to build without considering the limited land size of the country. The challenge is known to policy makers but nothing has been done about it so far.

Considering the size of land required for plantations, it will be unwise for farmers (most of them without the capital to start an acre of farm) to sink their start-up capital into an outright purchase of farm lands.

Zoning Farmlands. Photo Credit: SyeComp

The food basket of Accra used to be Weija, Bortianor, Ablekuma, etc. Now, such places and beyond have become places of residence.

Groital Farms, located at Nsakye, off the Nsawam-Aburi road is about an hour and half journey from the capital, Accra. The intention is not to talk about Groital today but to shed light on the happenings on our neighbouring farms.

One of our neighbours has had to relinquish his farmland of about 100 acres to the owners who intend selling to Estate Developers because he did not have money for outright purchase. This guy in question owns the biggest pineapple plantation in the area.

I was hurt to see earth moving equipment clearing farm lands. The simple thought that came to mind is, WE MAY SOON GO HUNGRY AS A PEOPLE if care isn’t taken. It starts with ignoring such oversight responsibilities. The District and Municipal Assemblies have more serious roles to play in this regard and Land-Use policies must be enforced.

Frank Sam-Addo

Email: niiosei@gmail.com

Director, Groital Farms Ltd


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