Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA): Spurring Rigorous Agricultural Research Projects in Africa

It is interesting the sort of unique insights generated from rigorous impact studies of agricultural development interventions especially in Africa. Recurrently, development interventions from Governments, Development Agencies and Private Sector actors focusing on deploying and scaling technology innovations and policies in agriculture tend to do so with unapprised data and in-depth assessment of expected (real) impact on project constituents.

We are therefore really excited with the works undertaken by the Innovations for Poverty Action (IPA), International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI), Northwestern University Global Poverty Research Lab, Institute for Statistical Social and Economic Research (ISSER) and all their partner organisations in using evidence-based approach to critically expound on the impact of (some) major agricultural interventions.

Section of participants listening to presentation of papers

Focusing on thematic areas apt for policy-making and are bottleneck for Ghana’s agricultural development, the research projects span:

¬ Agricultural extension services

¬ Microcredit and microfinance products for agriculture

¬ Technological innovation and adoption in agriculture

¬ Rural labour markets

¬ Agricultural value chains

Over the next few days, Editors at Agricinghana Media will provide overview of the shared rigorous research studies, publish the papers presented, and propose ways to scale some of these interventions.

We are pleased with the use of randomised control trials as research methodology to better inform policies and programs to improve food security and reduce poverty in Ghana.


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