Advisory Tips: Fall Armyworm (FAW) on Farms

We have received reports ( from farmers) of the emergence of Fall Armyworm across some farming communities in Ghana.

Note: Fall Armyworm (FAW) causes damage by feeding on both vegetative and reproductive structures of crops.

Remember: Early detection of fall armyworm infestation on your farm is key. Make sure you undertake effective monitoring and use the threshold criteria to determine appropriate control.

Tips for Control

¬ Treating successive generations using products with the same mode of action must be avoided

¬ Pesticide application should be based on monitoring and thresholds, rather than being used as a prophylactic or preventative measure

¬ The manufacturer’s recommended dose and concentration should be followed

¬ Pesticides should be purchased from registered agro-dealers ( Call the Farmer Helpline if you need help in contacting an agrodealer within your locality).


For more Advisory Tips on the Fall Armyworm, Call the Farmer Helpline: 0500000996



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