Satellite technology for farming in Ghana

Over the past half decade various forms of information and communication technologies (ICTs) have been deplored across farms in Ghana to boost production, monitor crop growth, optimise water use, and provide advanced detection of diseases and pests on crop fields.

Syecomp imagery-RGB

Technology needs of medium to large scale commercial farmers differ from that of smallholder food producers. However, innovations are helping spur the growth of both actors albeit limited adoption by the latter.

With a need to produce 70% more food by 2050 to feed a rapidly growing population amidst drought and climate change, agriculture is rapidly turning to technologies such remotely sensed Earth Observation satellite technologies.

Satellite technology provides farms with a more detailed view of the field, in a far more cost effective and efficient manner than traditional methods of crop inspection.

Space-borne view of crops provide imagery that can reveal irrigation issues, soil variation and even fungal or pest inspections. Sensors mounted on satellites are able to take images in spectrum beyond what the human eye can detect. Capturing data from the infra-red spectrum which, combined with the visual spectrum gives farmers the ability to differentiate between healthy and distressed plants.

With satellite imagery and data analytics, the Ghanaian farmer of the future will be equipped to make production decisions that help both the environment and boost their bottom line.

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