A Pioneering Agri Input Company: RMG (Ghana) Limited

RMG Ghana Ltd formed in 2016 through a strategic partnership between Wienco and RMG Concepts is one of the major companies within the agricultural input industry in Ghana. All their products offered to farmers are expertly sourced from Research and Development (R&D) intensive manufacturers across the globe. RMG is one of the few companies in the West African region with a formulation and packaging plant for both solid and liquid agro-chemicals.

The company offer a broad range of market-driven agricultural inputs to farmers, including high value hybrid seeds that increase productivity and ensures high level yield for the farmers.

RMG Ghana Ltd also offer agronomic advisory and technical services to farmers and hand-holding customer service to all their distribution networks.

Key Products and Services
RMG Ghana Ltd offer a variety of top quality agro products for increased crop yields. Over the years, their branded products have become globally acknowledged and accepted. These products include: Confidor, Ridomil, Nordox, Pannar seeds, Matabi, etc.

Their specific sample products include:
Seed (Vegetable, Maize, Rice) – PIONEER, PANNAR, SEEDCO (World’s Best);

Selective Herbicide (Maize, Rice & Plantation) – BAYER, BASF;

Insecticides (Cocoa, Maize, Rice, Vegetable) – BAYER, SYNGENTA;

Fungicides (Cocoa, Rice, Vegetable) – NORDOX, SYNGENTA, BASF;

Fumigants (Phostoxin, Degesch Plates) – DETIA DEGASCH;

Matabi Knapsack Sprayers – GOIZPER;

Foliar Supplement – HOLLAND FARMING;

Growth Regulator – AUSTAR;

Granular Fertilizer (NPK 15 15 15, 23 10 5, Urea & Asaasewura – Cocoa Fertilizer).

RMG’s extensive distribution networks comprise of Sales Van, RMG Akuafo Shop, and Accredited Distributors which seek to provide the best affordable agricultural inputs. Reliability, timeliness and efficiency is demonstrable feature of the products and services of RMG Ghana Ltd.

RMG Ghana Ltd is a member-company of Croplife Ghana.

Office Contact: No. 14 Narku Ipan Road, Near Nyaho Clinic, Airport Residential Area, Accra.

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