Benefits of Fruit and Nut Trees

Have you considered adding fruit and nut trees to your farm or home compound?

There are a number of reasons why planting fruit and nut trees are beneficial. When you plant a fruit or nut tree, consider it a gift to your future self.

If you grow an annual crop, you know that there are many risks involved in the survival of the crop including drought, advert weather conditions, pests etc. that could knock out your entire yield. Fruit and nut trees are low-maintenance, produce for many years and can be grown/maintained simultaneously with annual crops. These trees have many benefits including fruits, nuts, shade, timber and act as support for climbing plants such as yam, pepper and passion fruit. By selecting a variety of fruit and nut trees that produce in different seasons means that you will have a wide variety available throughout the year.

Trees can be grown on a wide range of soil types because they are able to find nutrients and water deep in the soil. Most fruit-trees do not tolerate wet land (with the exception of banana trees). Trees also benefit the environment while they are growing by absorbing carbon, improving soil health and preventing erosion.

If you are interested in adding fruit or nut trees to your farm or around your compound, please find more in-depth information on the FAO Website:


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