CTA Recruiting External Experts

Are you an independent expert in climate smart-agriculture, agribusiness, communication and knowledge management, or monitoring and evaluation? You might have the skills to help CTA implement its 2016-2020 strategic plan. The new strategy aims to support the development of inclusive agricultural value chains, advance enabling policies and legal frameworks for the transformation of agriculture and facilitate knowledge management, information and communication.


As an independent expert you will provide advice and assist CTA in several priority intervention areas including climate-smart agriculture, agribusiness development, nutrition-sensitive agriculture, leveraging the data revolution and supporting women and youth in the agriculture and rural development sector. Experts are expected to undertake a wide variety of tasks ranging from conducting reviews of research proposals to preparing synthesis reports in a particular area and assisting in the implementation of regional flagship projects. The experts will also provide support to CTA projects in terms of knowledge management, strategy development and planning, and impact assessment to help the Centre document measureable impact in the different intervention areas.


To apply the expert must have a graduate degree or equivalent qualification in his/her chosen intervention area, as well as in-depth knowledge of the agricultural sector and working environment in African, Caribbean and Pacific countries. The ability to communicate and write clearly and concisely in English and/or French is also essential. Successful candidates will be short-listed and registered in CTA’s external experts database for an agreed daily fee rate, depending on their years of experience in the relevant intervention area in accordance with CTA’s guidelines (see section 15.1 here). Please complete and submit an online registration form for CTA’s expert database by clicking here. CTA will inform short-listed candidates by e-mail and publish the list on CTA’s website once every three (3) months.If you have any questions regarding your application please send them to experts@cta.int.


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