Communiqué of the 2017 Pre-COP Climate Festival

Participants: 2017 Pre-COP Climate Festival-Ghana. Photo by Agricinghana Media

We, the participants of the 2017 Pre-COP Climate festival organised and hosted by the Regional Institute for Population Studies of the University of Ghana in Accra, on this Day 24th of October 2017, from government, civil society, the private sector, international and inter-governmental organisations, development partners, academic institutions, and vulnerable communities in attendance affirm that:

~ Climate change remains one of the biggest threats to humankind globally including Ghana, putting all of us at risk of intense and frequent disasters such as floods and droughts. This requires concerted and collective response which is informed by relevant science and data in order to build a society that is resilient and sustainable.

~ In building climate-resilient societies, gender imbalances in planning and access to key resources must be addressed, and that because women, children and the elderly often bear the high and disproportionate burden of climate change impacts, they should become fulcrum of climate change adaptation and climatic risk reduction.

~ We recognise the synergies between greenhouse gas emission reduction (mitigation) and adaptation interventions in transition towards “low-carbon emission development economy” for improved growth and climate-resilient societies.

~ Technological development and transfer, and accompanied capacity building in Ghana should be led by government with direct engagement of development partners and relevant private sector institutions in ensuring that gains made in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are not eroded by climate change.

~ Private sector institutions and civil society groups need to be continually empowered especially in taking up responsibilities of accessing climate finance so that they can effectively participate in climate compatible development (CCD) interventions.

~ The increasing population of our cities is exacerbating climatic risks that could increase poverty, disease and underdevelopment. This makes the development of climate-resilient cities and infrastructure pivotal to the battle against climate change, hence the adoption of efficient, smart and sustainable response.

On this resolution, we bring the 2017 Pre-COP Climate Festival to a Close.

Tuesday, 24th October 2017

The Convener

Dr Delali B.K. Dovie

Regional Institute for Population Studies

University of Ghana, Legon


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