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Agriculture Production & Marketing Experts

Winrock International works with people around the world to increase economic opportunity, sustain natural resources, and protect the environment. Winrock matches innovative approaches in agriculture, natural resources management, clean energy, and leadership development with the unique needs of its partners.

Winrock is recruiting for agriculture production, marketing and investment experts for an anticipated agricultural development program that will focus on Northern Ghana. For all positions, preference is given to those with previous private sector experience and advanced degrees. All positions require fluency in English.

Agriculture Marketing Director will provide technical direction to the project’s market systems approach. He/she will implement a market-led strategy that incentivizes private sector investment in upgrading agriculture market infrastructure and supporting services. He/she will work with private sector to develop market-led solutions to business enabling barriers. Work with financial institutions, end-markets, and service providers to increase access to markets, inputs and services.
Minimum Experience: 10 years’ experience in facilitating investment and partnerships in market systems • Experience with private sector • Track record of working with financial service providers, investors, and private sector in agricultural value chains.

Agriculture Productivity Director will provide leadership to activities that improve productivity. He/she will test and scale market-led mechanisms to promote and deliver inputs, services and technologies to producers. He/she will design embedded extension solutions to facilitate the transfer of improved production practices to producers. He/she will develop partnerships to increase year-round access to high quality inputs.
Minimum Experience: 10 years’ experience in production and marketing • Experience with private sector • Demonstrated track record of working with service providers in the agriculture sector, including input services.

Livestock Director will improve livestock productivity and marketing, which includes animal health and nutrition, husbandry and breeding practices, herd management, and feed. He/she will design embedded extension solutions to facilitate the transfer of improved livestock rearing practices to producers. Incentivize investment in upgrading livestock market infrastructure and supporting services.
Minimum Experience: Advanced degree in veterinary science, agronomy or related field • 10 years’ experience in livestock production and marketing • Track record of working with service providers in the livestock sector.

Access to Finance Director will build the capacity of market system actors to develop bankable business plans and access short to long-term financing. He/she will work with financial institutions to roll-out appropriate saving and lending products. He/she will identify opportunities for ICT-based solutions to improve accessibility of financial services. He/she will strengthen community social safety nets.
Minimum Experience: 10 years’ experience in the financial services sector, including 5 years in agriculture lending • Experience with formal and informal finance.

Irrigation Technology Advisor will work with farming communities to identify climate-smart irrigation solutions and technologies that are appropriate to increasing yields and productivity. He/she will facilitate commercial partnerships with irrigation technology providers in Ghana and the region. Identify appropriate financing and distribution mechanisms to scale technologies.
Minimum Experience: 10 years’ experience in commercial and small scale irrigation sector. Experience with private sector preferred.

Nutrition Integration Advisor will engage the private sector in promoting activities that increase the awareness of nutrition and hygiene practices among rural households with regard to the consumption of diverse nutrient-rich foods. He/she will develop incentive mechanisms to push private sector actors to provide nutrition and hygiene information.
Minimum Experience: 10 years’ experience working on nutrition activities • Experience implementing behavioral change communications campaigns related.

Monitoring & Evaluation Director will implement the project M&E and develop systems to track overall project activities, outputs. The M&E Director will also contribute to the design and lead implementation of all project learning activities.
Minimum Experience: Minimum 10 years’ managing and implementing complex M&E systems for international development projects, preferably with USAID and/or DFID • Proven record of designing and implementing data collection tools including surveys • Experience managing large M&E databases and conducting timely data analysis and developing reports.

Operations Director will be responsible for all financial, operational, and logistical aspects of the project. This will include overseeing accounts and budget expenditures, providing grants oversight, overseeing procurement procedures, and ensuring project adherence to local laws and donor regulations. He/she will ensure the proper administrative, financial, grants, and procurement functioning.
Minimum Experience: 10 years of experience leading accounting, procurement, operations, and financial management of complex international development programs • Familiarity with USAID and DFID compliance requirements.

Grants Director will design project challenge fund/grants program to incentivize private sector actors to invest in supply chain upgrading. This includes marketing the fund to private sector groups, designing grant schemes that meet the shared value goals of the project, foster partnerships with investors, financial institutions and foundations that will buy into the fund.
Minimum Experience: At least 7 years of experience designing or managing challenge funds • Experience managing grants programs with a “cost share” requirement, preferably for USAID or DFID.

Please submit a current CV and cover letter to with the position you are applying to in the subject line by September 30, 2017.

Kindly note that positions are subject to a project award being made to Winrock.


Download this Winrock Open Job Positions: Open Job Positions-Winrock International Project_Agricinghana [pdf]

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