Tips: Control Measures for Fall Armyworm

Fall Armyworm infestation_Agricinghana

Fall armyworm can be one of the more difficult insect pests to control in field corn. Late planted fields and later maturing hybrids are more likely to become infested. Fall armyworm causes serious leaf feeding damage as well as direct injury to the ear. While fall armyworms can damage corn plants in nearly all stages of development, it will concentrate on later plantings that have not yet silked. Like European corn borer, fall armyworm can only be effectively controlled while the larvae are small. Early detection and proper timing of an insecticide application are critical ( Ric Bessin, Extension Entomologist)

Agricinghana brings to you some relevant tips on possible mitigation:

¬ Ensure you monitor your field and keep clear borders

¬ Leave fields for about 1 week after ploughing to expose the eggs and pupae of the worms

¬ Insecticides should be applied directly into the whorls of the maize plant

Agricinghana will continue to periodically publish tips to help Ghanaian farmers address Fall Armyworm infestations on their fields.

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