Ghana’s Seed Sector umbrella body, NASTAG, officially launches tomorrow

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The National Seed Trade Association Ghana (NASTAG), a consolidated apex private seed sector organisation of all seed value chain actors in Ghana, will be officially launched tomorrow at the Coconut Groove Regency Hotel, Accra.

Under the launch theme , “Developing Agriculture through a Strong Private Sector-Led Seed Industry”, the event’s keynote address will be presented by Hon. Owusu Afriyie Akoto, the Minister of Food and Agriculture.

Prior to the launch event, NASTAG have had series of sensitization engagement for close to 150 public and public seed value chain actors and stakeholders on Ghana’s seed sector reform documents ( seed law, policy, and plan) in the Northern and Southern Zones of Ghana.

The official launch is expected to significantly increase the membership of NASTAG and enable it play the leading role in facilitating public-private sector dialogues for increased investment in Ghana’s seed industry.

The National Seed Trade Association of Ghana is an amalgamation of all seed value chain actors in the seed industry, which was established from a resolution passed by stakeholders at a USAID – Agriculture Policy Support Project (APSP)-sponsored meeting in Novembers 2015. NASTAG was officially registered in February 2016, as a not-for-profit membership-based association limited by guarantee. The Association is dedicated to supporting the competitiveness of Ghana seed value chain through business and technical capacity development of its members, promoting effective collaboration among and between industry players; serving as the mouthpiece on advocacy issues relating to seed and provision of general seed information.

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