EEAR Private Equity to manage $500 billion fund

Mr. Iddrisu Mahama, (L) Goitom Berhanu (R)

EEAR Private Equity (EEAR P.E), an emerging private equity firm, announced it has secured rights to manage a US$500 billion fund for government developmental and infrastructural projects in Ghana and across the West African sub-region.

The privately owned Ghanaian firm, EEAR Private Equity, has completed and signed all the needed agreements to represent African Communications Resources Ltd (ACR) and Genco Agro (GA), fund owners and administrators in West Africa.

Richard Dugan, Group President of EEAR Holdings said: “We look forward to working with governments across the region particularly in Ghana to facilitate plans on development. This fund will in no doubt support infrastructural and developmental projects in West Africa and we are excited to be engineering this change”.

EEAR Private Equity has appointed McOttley Capital as facilitators to assist with this project. McOttley Capital is Ghana’s fastest growing new investment bank which provides services in investment Banking, Asset Management, Professional Retirement and Pension Fund management.

“With this agreement, EEAR Private Equity will originate, structure and execute sovereign funding and governmental projects that meets funding criteria on behalf of Africa Communication Resources (ACR),” said Mr. Iddrisu Mahama, managing partner of EEAR Private Equity.

African Communications Resources (ACR) is an international privately owned organization based in Mauritius, with no relation to any government, non-government agency, or financial institution, whose core mandate is to develop various projects under private and public partnership. It provides infrastructure development projects in power generation, housing and real estate, agriculture, oil and gas, and the mining industry.

EEAR Private Equity is a limited liability company in Ghana set up to raise funds and capital for startups and existing businesses with viable intents for profitability. It is a subsidiary of the EEAR Holdings, the mother company for an impressive number of subsidiaries operating in non-banking ­financial services, healthcare, insurance brokerage beverages and multimedia.

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