Normalized Difference Vegetation Index-Syecomp’s expertise

NDVI observations-2015_Syecomp

Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) is a dimensionless index that is indicative for vegetation density and is calculated by comparing the visible and near-infrared sunlight reflected by the surface (reflectance). NDVI indicates the presence of live vegetation. In agriculture, it is an indicator of crop vitality and vigour. In the agroforestry sector, it is used to determine biomass growth or vegetation density.

Syecomp processes NDVI from a range of data sources with varying spatial resolutions. These include: Satellite images, UAV (drone) images, and other sensor types. Syecomp specialises in the acquisition and processing of remote sensing data.

No matter the spectral image type, Syecomp has the in-house working knowledge and expertise to analyse it: Multispectral, Superspectral, and Hyperspectral sensors! .

They team is always available to discuss project collaborations.


Editor’s Note:
This is a promotional content from our partner institution, Syecomp Ghana Ltd, a social impact technology company focused on deploying highly innovative tools to improve the agricultural sector in Ghana. 

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