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DATE: 09/01/17
Project background/rationale

The Ghana Poultry Project (GPP) is a five-year initiative funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Food for Progress Program (FFPr) and implemented by ACDI/VOCA and TechnoServe with the goal to increase the competitiveness of the domestic production and processing of poultry meat and eggs.
GPP works in the following three selected regions and their respective districts of Ghana:

  1. Brong Ahafo (Dormaa, Sunyani, Techiman, Wenchi, Nkoranza and Berekum)
  2. Ashanti region (Ejura Sekyidumasi, Atwima Nwabiagya, Atwima Kwanwoman, Ejisu Juabeng, Ofinso North, Ofinso South, Kumasi Metro)
  3. Greater Accra (Accra Metro, Ga South, Ga East, Tema, Ada West and Dangbe East)
  4. Easter region

The two Strategic Objectives of GPP in line with the goals of USDA are:

  1. Increase agriculture productivity in the poultry value chain through capacity building, improving input markets, promoting strategic investments and private-public partnerships.
  2. Increase the trade of poultry products by improving product quality and processing, increasing production efficiency, and improving market linkages.

The overall objective of this assignment is:

  1. To conduct market study to explore the potential of marketing Ghanaian produced and processed poultry meat and asses the current consumer preferences in terms of the price-quality mix.
  2. A comparison of various brands of local and imported poultry products in the Ghanaian market in particular their nutritional content, packaging, pricing and distribution and market acceptance
  3. Provide strategies that would help poultry producers and processors to begin to penetrate the domestic end market of poultry products in the Ghanaian market.

The Specific Scope of Work of the consultant is

The Consultant is expected to undertake among other things the under listed tasks:

  1. Document consumer information on poultry meat sales including preferences on cuts, such as chicken breast meat, why consumers buy poultry meat, the price they are willing to pay, where they buy, how they learn to know about poultry meat, packaging, identify niche markets, market segmentation, etc.
  2. Identify the challenges and opportunities of cold store/distributors of frozen chicken acceptance of Ghanaian produced and processed broiler/spent layer meat into their supply chain
  3. Make a detailed comparison of poultry meat products available on the Ghanaian market, price, packaging, volume, what products, origin, quality of product, why market prefers the product, etc.
  4. Identify buyers of local poultry meat, e.g. hotels, restaurants, processors, etc.
  5. Design best practice guide for poultry enterprises on effective marketing strategy to penetrate national and the West African poultry end market with focus on pricing, quality, preparation, and packaging.
  6. Recommend chicken meat opportunities within Ghana
  7. Provide information to poultry value chain actors on both consumer preferences for poultry products and Ghanaian products’ strengths and weaknesses.

Other Terms of Engagement

  1. The Consultant agrees to loyally and conscientiously perform all the duties described related to the consultancy.
  2. The Consultant agrees to observe and comply with all policies, rules, regulations and directions that will be given by GPP.
  3. The Consultant will work and report to the GPP Value Chain Team Leader.
  4. The Consultant agrees that all materials relating to the assignment provided by GPP for the Consultant are for the benefit of GPP, and shall upon completion of the work remain the property of GPP.

Expected Duration of Assignment
The expected duration of the assignment is from 1st April, 2017 to 10th May, 2017 or 6 working weeks. The consultant can choose his/her working days or hours provided this does not affect the timelines for the assignment
The expected deliverables are:

  1. An approved inception report outlining the methodology and organizational capacity assessment tool, plan for the assessment and an outline of field work and consultation with key stakeholders within 1st week of signing the contract and before commencement of fieldwork
  2. Weekly updates/briefs on progress of the assignment
  3. Draft assessment report (Executive Summary, methodology, description of results of the assessment, and recommendations on how best the project can support the associations) and draft best practice guide at the end of week 4
  4. Power Point Presentation of major findings to the GPP Technical Team at the end of week 5
  5. Final market assessment report, best practice guide, and short summary for VC actors on Ghanaian poultry meat preferences and advantages of Ghanaian poultry meat (extracted from the assessment report) incorporating approved suggestions and recommendations by the GPP technical team within 1 week after the Power Point presentation to the team.

The deliverables must be accepted by the GPP Chief of Party and the Value Chain Team Leader as achieved prior to final payment.

Required Experience and Competencies
The consultant(s) must demonstrate full competence in implementing the scope of work with strong expertise and relevant background.
Specifically, the Lead Consultant should:

  1. Possess a university degree in Agricultural Economics, Agribusiness, Economics, Social Science, Organizational Development, or other related fields. A post graduate degree or professional certification will be an advantage.
  2. Demonstrate the ability communicate and build relationships with people and organizations to gather in-depth information
  3. Demonstrate diverse understanding and clear knowledge of marketing assessments preferably with poultry meat business knowledge
  4. Demonstrate familiarity with market research methodologies, relevant sources of information, and key persons to consult
  5. Have excellent analytical, writing and reporting skills

Information for Submitting Proposal
Interested consultants should submit a Technical and Financial Proposal electronically (excluding annexes) specifying
1. Understanding of the assignment (5 points)
2. Methodology and Work Plan (30 marks)
3. Relevant Experience with references of 3 assignments of a similar nature conducted in the past 5 years (10 marks)
4. Resume of the lead consultant (15 marks) and other supporting staff (10 marks)
5. Detailed costing including Level of Effort, Fee Rates and Expenses (30 points). The payment terms, linked to the required deliverables (i.e. Inception Report, Draft Report and Final Report) should be specified.

Proposals will be evaluated against the criteria [and points allocated] as listed above.Any questions on the Request for Proposals should be sent to: within two working days before the due date for submission of proposals. The name of the RFP must be stated in the subject line of the application. Replies to the questions will be sent to all potential bidders within 24 hours.
The proposal is due by close of day 7th March, 2017 and should be sent to: GPP expects to finalize selection and negotiate contracts by the end of 21st March, 2017 so that the assignment can commence immediately

Terms of Payment
Payment will be made on the basis of an invoice upon the delivery of agreed milestones. The Payment shall be made upon a satisfactory review of the assessment report by the GPP Chief of Party and the Value Chain Team Leader.

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