Innovative Capabilities of Rural Youth in Addressing the Challenges of Migration- #IYD2013

Rural Young Entrepreneur-GhanaVarious researches underscore the fact that job unavailability and a non-vibrant rural sector is one of the leading causes of young people migrating from rural areas to urban centres. Unfortunately, the required skill set to engage in highly technical jobs is a bane on employability of most rural young individuals. To this end, we find out that there is gradual increasing rate of young people selling items of various kinds on the principal streets in most towns and cities in sub-saharan Africa. I learnt from one of Imani Ghana advocacy works that no economy can reach meaningful growth in this modern era when majority of its citizenry engage in “buying and selling”. We need to nurture, build and invest in the required skill set and provide the needed resources for the citizens especially, our young people, to develop. Full article published on the website of the Global Youth Innovation Network (GYIN) :

Solomon Elorm Allavi

GIS Mapping Specialist

Accra, Ghana


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