Ghana’s National Youth Policy-Youth in Agriculture on Policy Priority List!

This National Youth Policy has as its theme “Towards an empowered youth, impacting positively on national development”. It is intended to provide guidelines for all stakeholders involved in the implementation of policies, programmes and projects for the development of the youth. It is also intended to help the country demonstrate its commitment to all international conventions and charters it has signed relating to the youth.

The Policy emphasizes the following priority areas:

6.1.1 Education and Skills Training

6.1.3 Science, Research and Technology

6.1.4 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

6.1.5 Youth and Employment

6.1.6 Entrepreneurial Development


6.1.7. Youth in Modern Agriculture

Agriculture continues to be the highest contributor to Ghana’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). It also provides employment for a majority of Ghana’s population. Increased productivity in agriculture ensures food security and contributes immensely to the health and well-being of the people. There is therefore the need to develop more strategic interventions and approaches to attract the youth to this sector, particularly youth in the informal sector. In this regard, the goal of this policy will be to promote youth

participation in agriculture, through the following policy objectives:

• Promotion of the participation of the youth in modern agriculture as a viable career opportunity for the youth and as an economic and business option.

• The provision of resources for the participation of the youth in modern agriculture.

The youths should thus take this opportunity to maximize and explore the various Government support avenues for their engagement in agriculture. Let us take the government on to fulfil its promises to support youths in agriculture. The fight is ours!!

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