Let’s Keep Track of Policy Implementation-5

The Government of Ghana has introduced variety of measures to improve agricultural productivity in Ghana. Notable amongst these is the redefining of the outdated Food & Agricultural Development Policy (FASDEP I) in FASDEP II to address the loopholes and inefficiencies in the former.

In each subsequent update of this blog, we will look at each policy document and delve on some of the issues and strategies for achieving them.


In a modern ood and agriculture system, science and technology can improve productivity. Basic research on the commodities targeted in FASDEP II  will be funded by Government.


  • Failure to apply research findings often enough
  • Frequent duplication of research efforts
  • Poor funding and commitment to agricultural research
  • Limited use of biotechnology
  • Limited research on agricultural policy
  • Limited research on industrial uses of indigenous crops and livestock
  • No current data on women farmers, particularly poor women farmers, to inform policy-making and programming
  • Lack of agricultural research that factors in the gender of farmers.


High priority will be given to “applied’ research. There will be more efforts to introduce innovations for improved production systems, higher productivity and small and large-sacle industrialization and processing. The Ministry of food and Agriculture will work with the  national agriculture research system to ensure that research focuses on the value chains of commodities targeted by policy .

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